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Tea Runs The Show

Our Tea Blends:

Speed Up!   
Break a record!
Green Teas
*Green   *Jasmine
Black Teas:
*Earl Grey        *Peach
        *English Breakfast           *Raspberry     *Black    *Chai Lover
*Tie The Knot       *Colada
*Russian *Berry Cafe *SunRise

  1. Managing Director

​​Slow Down!​​
Just running errands today.   
Herbal Teas:
  *Vita C       *SunShine            
*Herbal Blast
*Herbal Chai     *Happy
 *Rooibos       *BeauTEA Sleep
*R U Kidney me?  

*​Forget Me Not  * Chocomint
​*Berry Wild  *Spice It Up  *Coco Loco
*Red Apple  *BeauTEAful

  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
Take a Break!
There is always ...Tomorrow
Today, be amused by these cuTEAs

*Berry Good              *ExoTEAc

*Just Peachy *Hawaiian


*Herbal Blast   *Vita C